Automate & Excel With Fyre Sync

Transform burden of data entry with automation to lower overhead with new productivity, speed, and effectiveness.


VMS to ATS Automation

Get recruiters, account managers, and admins back to the critical work of placing talent, supporting clients, and driving revenue.

From Hours to Seconds

Fyre Sync requisition download speed averages 10 seconds or less, saving staffing firms hours of manual data entry.

Why Pay for Human Error & Redundancy?

Eliminate the risk and cost of human error and redundancy while getting the right information to recruiters faster than ever. You can outpace and outperform the competition as your people focus on work that matters.

Matthew Franklin,
Director of Recruiting – Mitchell Martin

“Fyre Sync saves us hundreds of man hours a month in manual labor, allowing our recruiters to source faster and fill more jobs.”

Sara Moss,
Vice President, Staffing Best Practices – erecruit

“Fyre’s technology is game changing and will be a critical tool for erecruit customers to boost VMS fill rates.”

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