How To Fill More Positions Without Hiring More Recruiters

By: Fyre |
April 20, 2015

Does it seem like your recruiting team is burning the midnight oil trying to fulfill the company’s hiring needs? The first solution that might come to mind is to hire more recruiters, but that may not resolve the issues your team faces. Before jumping to hire a new recruiter, see if your team’s efficiency could be improved, helping them to accomplish more tasks and reach more goals.

With Fyre, sourcing candidates takes a fraction of the time. You’ve already embraced technology by providing your team with one of the best ATS’s on the market, so here’s how to make the most of it with Fyre.


Instead of manually hunting down a candidate’s most recent resume across job boards, searching for and amending their profile in your ATS, you can automate the process. While your recruiters are still skimming a candidate’s resume on a job board, Fyre has already parsed and imported their resume and created or amended their candidate profile in your ATS. Say goodbye to time wasted copying and pasting candidate information.


Recruiters at any level can reap the benefits of Fyre’s comprehensive candidate overview. By seeing a candidate’s critical information in one place, recruiters save time they would have otherwise spent researching. With quick access to this information, your recruiters can reach out to candidates faster, allowing them to trump competitors.



Fyre works within browsers, so it fits in seamlessly with your recruiters’ existing workflow. Since your team no longer has to switch from window to window copying and pasting information, they are likely to be way more productive, as distractions are kept at bay and tasks are completed faster.

Just how much faster can recruiters be with Fyre? Watch the video below to see a side-by-side comparison of an ATS user and an ATS + Fyre user:


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