5 Ways To Make Bullhorn Better For Your Team

By: Fyre |
March 8, 2015

Think your recruiting team has the most up-to-date technology because of that fancy ATS everyone spends all their time on? There’s more to the story. Although Bullhorn is already one of the best applicant tracking systems on the market, Fyre can complement it.

Here are 5 ways Fyre Sidebar can make Bullhorn even better for your recruiters:


Job boards make a fortune from candidate profile views. You’re paying for each time a recruiter views a candidate and if they’re not a match for an opening at the time, their information is tossed. By automatically importing candidate profiles into Bullhorn, candidates are accessible in the event that they are a fit for a future job opening.



What if your recruiters could search individual social media platforms for a more complete candidate profile? Bullhorn has social integrations that are robust, but not all firms use this feature. Recruiters can make better impressions if they can ask candidates how their winter ski trip went or congratulate them on their recent graduation. This insight makes candidates feel valued, which could help your company stand out from the hiring crowd.



Recruiters should be able to annotate candidates they are currently pursuing or have previously interviewed. If another recruiter opens the same candidate’s profile on job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, or Indeed, they should be notified of the candidate’s status in the system. This feature could prevent recruiters from overlapping efforts and looking into candidates who are already in the pipeline.



Automate candidate information entry into Bullhorn to help speed up candidate outreach. Stay ahead of the competition and keep your employees on their toes. Speeding up the applicant review process allows recruiters to reach out to candidates within seconds of initially viewing their profiles.



Those few seconds spent copying and pasting candidate information from software to software really add up. With the average recruiter viewing upwards of 100 candidates per day, saving just 1 minute per candidate means hours of extra time for your team. With the combination of Fyre and Bullhorn, recruiters can save two hours per day and spend that extra time focused on making placements. This would lower time-to-fill rates and time spent sourcing, which would mean serious savings for your business.

Bullhorn’s already a fantastic ATS, but combined with Fyre, it might even be stronger for you. With our revolutionary candidate tracking automation software, we make recruiters more successful without company-wide training and software migrations. Get Fyre. It just works.






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