3 Signs Your VMS Workflow Needs Immediate Attention

By: Fyre |
June 8, 2015

Speed and efficiency are key to a successful recruiting team. Yet, over one quarter of HR professionals say that the tools in place currently get in the way of doing their jobs effectively. Do you see the signs within your organization that your VMS workflow needs immediate attention?

1. You’re losing recruiting time to manage VMS reqs.

The goal of every recruiter is to fill job openings quickly and effectively. Each time your recruiters log requisitions from a VMS to your ATS they’re not focused on what drives a successful recruiting team, filling open positions. In 2014, talent acquisition professionals reported that they spend an average of 32 hours per month manually sorting through or manipulating data, an increase from the 24 hours a month reported in 2013.

This growth in manual data manipulation is largely tied to entering and updating requisitions from a VMS to your ATS. This slow, error prone VMS workflow holds your business back from being a fast, effective recruiting team. Tools that enable your team to automatically import VMS reqs into your ATS can streamline your process from hours to seconds. Leverage automation in your VMS workflow to allow for more time recruiting and faster placement of positions which adds up to more revenue for your firm.


2. You’re wasting time working requisitions that are not accurate.

For those of you who manually enter new requisitions in your ATS, ensuring the requisition data is accurate and up to date is a challenge faced by many firms. Many firms fall short as 67% of recruiting professionals do not believe the data in their recruiting systems is accurate. Without an automated VMS workflow your recruiters may often spend time looking at job reqs that are not up-to-date. Worst of all, they might be working to fill a position that’s already been filled. VMS requisitions are constantly being opened, updated, and closed which creates a challenge for your VMS workflow as your recruiters rely on their ATS being accurate. By utilizing tools that connect your ATS to your VMS, you can ensure that only open and accurate reqs are receiving your team’s time and attention.

3. Your competitors are filling positions faster.

Even if your recruiter’s efforts are over and above the competition, VMS reqs that are not updated in real-time can really slow down your team. This places your team at a disadvantage to other agencies who receive new reqs and updates in real-time. Worst case scenario, your competition may fill the openings before you even have a chance to copy the requisition into your ATS. The disadvantages of not having a real-time sync between your VMS and ATS adds up, and ultimately, your firm takes a hit. In today’s modern recruiting industry, seconds can make the difference in filling that next position. Make sure your competition doesn’t have a head start on working new opportunities by investing in a real-time integration of your VMS and ATS.

The good news:

Fyre is now offering Fyre Sync, a cloud-based VMS integration software revolutionizing the recruiting industry. This software automatically syncs your ATS with your VMS in real-time. Want to have your team spend more time recruiting, feel assured your ATS is consistently updated, and stay a step ahead of competing recruiting agencies? Contact us to learn about FYRE Sync today.




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